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The JinList team is looking forward to 2017 exciting growth opportunities in the Year of the Rooster

2017-01-11  Source:JinList.com


For one thing, Chinese investors' interest in US real estate investment has grown even stronger given the recent surge of the dollar. Compared to real estate investments in other countries such as Britain or Australia, the value of US real estate has grown. The British pound and Australian dollar have actually depreciated as a whole in recent months.

Given China’s $1 trillion capital outflow in 2016 alone, it comes as no surprise that China will be a big player in global investments in 2017. This, combined with the fact that $35 billion of that $1 trillion was spent solely on US real estate, gives us more reason to believe that several billion Chinese dollars await immediate investment in US real estate.

Some Chinese investment in US real estate is expected to come from Chinese investors who are already overseas. The population of Chinese investors visiting the U.S. is estimated to be growing by 16.8% annually, assuming each visitor having access to a minimum $50,000. Some Chinese investments may come from areas such as Hong Kong or China, where increasingly restrictive foreign exchange controls are being put into place.

JinList™ and the vast online ecosystem to which it belongs are also uniquely situated to serve Chinese investors already in the US and Canada. For this population of buyers, sellers, and real estate market participants, JinList™ is the active marketplace to find high quality investment opportunities curated by experienced professionals.

JinList™, with a large presence on both sides of China's Firewall, has made major progress during 2016; our organic traffic increased more than 144% since January 2016. Of course, we were delighted to see this growth as a metric of JinList’s innovation and efficacy. We would love to invite any real estate professional to join JinList.com, including English speakers! JinList’s native English user interface and management functionalities help those who want to serve the Chinese market and connect with local buyers.

The JinList™ team wishes you a 2017 full of prosperity, and we hope to help you get there.

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